How Birthing Classes Are A Rich and Enjoyable Experience That Can Relieve The Anxiety Of Childbirth

Taking birthing classes when you’re pregnant isn’t something that is required at all. They are provided by many hospitals in order to help expectant moms reduce their pain during delivery naturally,without medication. They also help get the father involved in the birthing process by making him a breathing coach which gives him a purpose for being in the delivery room throughout the entire time. These are all good things that have helped change the way women give birth in the modern age. There are some different birthing classes you can sign up for, here is a simple explanation of their programs. Check out LinkedIn.

The Lamaze Method Is Probably The Best Known

First of all, even if you sign up for Lamaze classes, you’re still going to get a lot of basic information that is valuable to all expectant couples. They will go over proper nutrition, foods to avoid, foods to eat more of, vitamins to take, and herbs to avoid too. Then you’ll hear how you shouldn’t drink alcohol, smoke, or use drugs, but that really goes without saying when you’re risking the life of your unborn child.

The Lamaze classes will go over special breathing techniques that can help the mother control the extreme pain associated with childbirth. Much of the pain comes in waves that are timed with the contractions, and many contractions need to be performed to loosen up the birth canal and make it large enough for the baby to exit.

There are other pains reducing exercises that are to help the mother relax and think of other pleasant things and the father’s job is to keep the mom focused on anything but her pain while she’s suffering. The breathing and relaxation methods do help in keeping the contractions under control until it’s time, so they are effective.

Most of the time the doctor will give the options along the way of taking the pain medications or continue without. Some deliveries drag on for many hours and the pain can be excruciating the whole time.

The Bradley Technique Is Also One Of The More Popular

The Bradley technique uses much of the same breathing exercises of the Lamaze method, but they don’t waste any time on the distractions to alleviate pain. They do go through quite a bit more about different exercises that the mother should do while pregnant that will help during delivery. And they spend some time going through the many changes that are occurring in the mother’s body on a week by week basis.

All Of The Classes Try To Teach The Men To Have Patience And Consideration

Let’s face it, no man has ever become pregnant and it’s impossible for them to totally understand how hard it is just to bend over and tie a shoelace. There are pregnancy sensitivity vests that are widely used in birthing classes to help men at least partially understand. These vests are heavy, large and cumbersome and the men can wear them either just in the class or take them home for a few days and try to work with them on. Either way, they’ll come away from the experience with a new perspective on how difficult it is to be pregnant.

Not every pregnant mom goes to a birth class, but it’s a rewarding experience that all couples should enjoy. It’s also great to get to know a large group of other expectant couples that are going through the same challenges and emotions of being pregnant.