Aggressive Dog Breeds to Avoid

Each dog breed has different characteristics and you need to be aware of this. Some dogs are friendlier, protection dog, than others and there are some that are more aggressive than others. If you have children or are not familiar with handling aggressive breeds, there are some dogs that you might want to avoid.


When people think about aggressive dog breeds, the Pitbull is one of the first that comes to mind. The Pitbull was bred for fighting and has predatory instincts that make it aggressive. There are many advocates of the breed who state that these dogs are not naturally more aggressive than other breeds and it is their training that makes them aggressive.

If you choose to have a Pitbull, it is recommended that you keep it away from children and under very close supervision. You also need to ensure that the dog is properly trained and legal in your area. There are many areas where Pitbulls are illegal and you would need to apply to own one.

The American Bandogges

The American Bandogges is a mixed breed which is part Pitbull, part Neopolitan Mastiff. This breed of dog is particularly aggressive when away from its owner which means that children and other adults are in danger when left alone with the dog. This breed is highly aggressive and untrustworthy because of its rebellious nature and strength. This breed of dog should never be introduced to a home with children or be owned by someone who will not have the firm hand needed to control them.

The Alaskan Malamute

The Alaskan Malamute also known as the Alaskan Sled Dog is considered a great household pet, but it can be aggressive. This is due to the predatory hunting instincts that are still strong within this breed. Many people recommend not having this breed if you have children or other pets that would not be able to hold their own against the dog. The aggressive nature of this breed is not as common as others, but they were bred for hunting and are considered unpredictable around families.


Look at the Chow, most people would assume that this cuddly breed is ideal for the home and not aggressive at all. While Chows can be friendly and make good pets, it is important to remember that they are genetically close to wolves. They are also very loyal to their owners and usually to a fault. This can result in aggressive behavior even at times when there is no threat.

Lhasa Apsos

The Lhasa Apsos was bred to guard temples, but many people are deceived by the small size of this dog breed. This breed has a mean temper and a complete lack of patience with any strangers. These dogs have been used to guard Tibetan temples were their aggressive nature would deter intruders and alert the temple’s inhabitants of danger. If you have children who suddenly approach dogs or constantly want to pick them up, you should stay away from this breed.